If you want to do business with this person:

Brad Tatum, bradgcs@yahoo.com

eBay User ID: gigim1208

then please read the following information. On my part, I would have been happy to receive this information in time as it would have saved me a lot of money, time and nerves.

To make a long story short, Brad does not deliver what he promises to (inferior product to the one originally agreed upon), takes your money and does not reply to your complains and requests to find a solution. This is a scam!


 Here is the full story:

  In 2010, I contacted Brad on eBay and asked questions about the Gecko in.xm spa control system he was offering on eBay. Here is a picture of such a control system:

One of the key questions was whether it would fit for the specifications of the spa I have bought back then (I wanted to upgrade the control system). Brad confirmed that the system he was selling would work for my conditions, see print screen of the email.

Based upon this information, I ordered the in.xm control system from Brad which arrived soon. I was happy up to that point.

The delivery of the ordered spa was postponed many months and I decided to order a spa from a different producer instead. Therefore, only in May of 2011 I could test the in.xm that was previously delivered by Brad. I turned out that it was the wrong system, only suitable for 2 jet pumps, not 3 jet pumps as promised.

I informed Brad about this and he promised to send the correct 3 pump system, see print screen below


I had to pay the shipping costs of USD 80 to send back the “wrong” control system by myself, even though it was Brad’s fault.

When the replacement control system arrived, I could not believe my eyes: it was again a 2 jet pump system. Again I contacted Brad by email, but now, he decided to remain silent. No reply to several of my emails. I contacted Brad, numerous times in several weeks and every time I was promised to find a solution. Needless to say that nothing happened. Their only comment was that they have delivered what I asked for, which is a lie as everybody can see based upon the facts presented above.

 Let’s summarize this:

  • Brad Tatum promises you to send you a product which should fit to your requirements but as soon as you transfer him your money irrevocably, he delivers you an inferior product. I do not know whether incompetence, ignorance, intention or all of this is the reason for such a behavior.


  • Be ready to spend more money than initially planned on your purchase (for example for sending back the wrong item). If you have bad luck and cannot use the inferior item he sends you, be ready to write off all money you transferred to him.


  • Customer service by Brad? Forget it. As soon as they have your money, ignorance and not customer satisfaction is their goal.


  • If you value your time and your nerves, keep in mind the information mentioned above. I wish I would have known all of this before…


If you have further questions, feel free to contact me at mdoc@gmx.net




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